“Destin, thanks again for the work you did on the computer.  It is soooo much faster.”    Max  

“I love it! Never did I think I would think of a computer as beautiful, but everything about it is aesthetic and efficient.  Thanks for encouraging me.”    Joan

“I have to say it’s great to know you are a resource that’s always available.  Thank you for being a great provider in this Internet jungle.”    John

“Thank you, Destin.  You’re such a treasure - I’m so grateful.”    Nouk

“Thanks for all the help yesterday.  You are indispensable!”    Jodie

“You were fantastic in getting me straightened out!”    Sandy

“I love the Sonos system.  My life is much improved with music all around the house.  Thank you.”    Catherine

Destin, thank you - thank you - thank you for creating such a delightful, informative and wonderful website.  I just love it!    Kerry

"Thanks so much, Destin.  You have a great vibe and are a super communicator.  I am glad to have you on my roster of helpmates."    Linda

"We have decided that you have true Buddha nature.  Your neighbors must love you."    Judith

"The website looks great - just fantastic!”    Mary Jo

Destin, you're a genius."   Forrest

"Just wanted to thank you for coming to the rescue.”    Michelle

“I am so glad you are on the planet!!!”    Sherry

"You, sir, are the single greatest computer guy of all time, and one of the top 250 people of all time, just after Wilt Chamberlain and right before Nancy Reagan."   Jonathan

"Have I told you that I love you?"    Bonnie

"OMG!  Destin, you’re wonderful!  Big hug!"   Jean

"I felt like I was working with Luke Skywalker yesterday.  Thank you for the outstanding job.”    Dave

"My computer is running like a top! I don’t know what you did but it is better than ever.”    Sheri

"I would be Gretel in the dark woods without you!!!  You are incredibly patient and kind and smart and helpful.”    Linda

"This (custom database) is beautiful!  I love this!  This is going to make my work much easier....”    Audrey

"Destin...WOW... I am so excited, I can't tell you!  Thanks so much...."    Susie

"You rock.  Thanks a million."   Kerri

“Ability, humor, wisdom, generosity.  Quite a package.  Keep up the good juju.”    Ken

"It means so much to have someone as dependable and knowledgeable as you."   Pat

"You're like that Dog Whisperer guy for computers."   Neal

"You were great.  Thank you."   Frances

"I really only refer you because you make me look good.”   Betsy

"Every time you come over, I learn all these new things. It's great!"   Bill

"You are the Saint of Finding Lost Data!”   Lisa

"I like you, Destin.  I’ve always liked you.”   Don

"And, as always, so incredibly grateful for your help, competence and upbeat attitude."   Emily

"Always a pleasure doing business with you."   Matilda

"Thanks!  You're amazing!”   Nancy

The mailing list database seems to be working well and Im getting used to the new search features.  They actually make things a lot faster and easier!   David

"Excellent work you did last week.  Thanks."   Frank

"We were all saying how patient and great you were!"   Cathy

"You're the best!   John

Destin, I just wanted you let you know that I am reallying enjoying the new computer you setup for me.  Its been great working with it.  Thank you!”   Nancy 

"We both appreciate the richness and expertise you bring with you."   Susanne

“No, you’re not God.  Damn close, though.”    Nellie

"You've played an instrumental role in getting our tech lives in order...such a pleasure to work with, especially for us tech-phobes.  We so appreciate your humor."   Carrie

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